Evolving Ideas relaunching

After a lengthy hiatus, Evolving Ideas is relaunching this month as a forum for the discussion of evolutionary issues generally, with an interdisciplinary perspective. The owners and main contributors are Ben Dickins, Tom Dickins, and Keith Frankish – respectively a geneticist, an evolutionary psychologist, and a philosopher of psychology. We shall be also recruiting new contributors soon, and we aim to maintain a regular stream of postings. Please check back regularly and feel free to add your comments.



It is now possible to upload documents to the blog, in PDF, Word, or RTF format, up to a maximum size of 1MB. Go to site admin -> Upload, use ‘Browse’ to find the document you want to upload, add a short description, then press ‘Upload file’. A new screen will appear giving an address for the uploaded file. Copy and paste this address into a post, or insert a link to it, to tell others where to find the file. Registered users of the blog are encouraged to use this facility to post drafts of papers for discussion.


This blog is run by Tom Dickins and Keith Frankish. The central topic is evolutionary psychology, but the remit extends in two directions to cover cognitive science generally and evolutionary theory. The content will reflect the research interests of the registered contributors to the blog. Comments are welcome but please note that the owners will delete comments they regard as objectionable. Enjoy!